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Gurusaday Museum recently held a Crafts Awareness Programme on Batik held on 29th to 31st August, 2017 at Prangopalnagar Prajanma Mahila Samity, Prangopal Nagar, Nabadwip, Nadia..Details

The Gurusaday Museum – a unique National Treasure of the Folk and Tribal Arts and Crafts of undivided Bengal as well as India. The museum was founded by Bengal Bratachari Society with 2325 exquisite specimens personally collected between 1929 and 1939 by Shri Gurusaday Dutt, I. C. S. (1882-1941), while he was the District Collector in the remote parts of the then Bengal
GURUSADAY MUSEUM Shri Gurusaday Dutt
I. C. S. (1882-1941)

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In the year 1961, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal - Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray opened the Museum building, and on the 8th February 1963, Professor Humayun Kabir, the then Union Minister of Education, Govt. of India, declared the galleries open for the people.

Since 1984, Gurusaday Dutt Folk Art Society manages the Museum with the financial support from the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, under an Agreement made on May 23, 1984 between the President of India and the Bengal Bratachari Society.Presently it has a rich collection of over 3300 exquisite exhibits of folk arts and crafts, which amply reflect the vigour and vitality of the rural life and present a vivid picture of art and social traditions, religious beliefs, practices and motifs, aesthetic assimilation and cultural influences in undivided Bengal as well as in India.

The collections made by Shri Gurusaday Dutt are priceless and unique. No duplicate can be found in any museums in the world.