The Museum Publications

1. Picture post cards (six in a set)
a) Treasure of Museum (series – 1) Rs. 20/-
b) Women in Kalighat Paintings (series – 2) Rs. 20/-
c) Durga and her family in wooden sculptures(series -3) Rs. 20/-
d) Ritual of Bengal in square pata (series – 4) Rs. 20/-
e) Kantha (series – 5) Rs. 30/-
f) Temple Plaque (series – 6) Rs.30/-
g) Square Pat (series – 7) Rs. 30/-

2. Albums with writeups by Gurusaday Dutt
a) Albums on Kantha (series – 1) Rs.130/-
b) Albums on Kantha (series – 2) Rs.300/-
c) Albums on Scroll Paintings Rs.300/-

3. Books:
Wood carvings of Bengal in Gurusaday Museum Rs.100/-
Edited by Dr. Shyamalkanti Chakravarti

b) Loksanskritite Nari
Edited by Dr. Shyamalkanti Chakravarti and Dr. Sanat Kumar Mitra Rs.100/-

c) Gurusaday Dutt : Jiban O Rachanapanji
(Life & Bibliography in Bengali)
By Shri Naresh Banerjee Rs. 30/-

d) Kalighat Paintings in Gurusaday Museum
Edited by Dr. Shyamalkanti Chakravarti Rs.300/-

More publications are in the preperation stage.